10 smart tips for the stairs

Let your next refurbishment project be a treat.

10 smart tips for the stairs

10 smart tips for the stairs

NOT STANDARD TRAPP: Emmental Stairs are specially designed for a playful family. Photo: Gerardo Altemir

If you live over two over two levels or more, there is no way outside. Stairs must be added.

The staircase can be anything from a neutral transport to a spectacular eye-catcher that characterizes the entire room.

Here are ten tips for those who want to build a new staircase or just want to give your old staircase a facelift.

Be aware that not all solutions meet Norwegian stair regulations.

1. Staircase to the Swiss house?

Emmental Stairs are named after the most famous of the gorged yellow cheese from Switzerland. The staircase is specially designed by the architect Biljana Jovanovic for a playful family with two children in the house.

The staircase helps to distinguish between living and dining areas, and is also used as a playground by the children.

2. Cramped Cracking

“Closed or Open” sounds a classic capture movie. The advantage of closed is that you do not allow dust and dirt to descend into the room below.

The disadvantage is that you close for the light. This staircase says “please be both”. The three top steps are in matt glass so some light is sown down to the hall below.

And vice versa. The other steps are covered in zinc, while the actual steps are coated with rubber.

10 smart tips for the stairs

CLOSED, BUT LIGHT: This staircase in Asker emits the light, but not dusty. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

3. Brightening step

The stairwell room is usually one of the least glamorous zones of the house, chopped over the basement booth.

In this case the staircase is the house jewelery. The sentervar allows for a slip between the steps and the walls.

Folding spots at the end of each step causes the staircase to float, while the stairwell is illuminated in an indirect and therefore comfortable manner.

The work has been done by the timber masters Per Ø. Norum, Peter Widmer and Halvard Fjeld.

4. Illuminated step

10 smart tips for the stairs

THE HOUSE’S JEWEL: This stairwell at Kolbotn is probably one of Norway’s most distinctive. Photo: Espen Grønli

Good light is a prerequisite for a comfortable living environment. Correct lighting is one of the measures you can take to minimize the stumbling block in the staircase.

10 smart tips for the stairs

See the big change the interior designer did

10 smart tips for the stairs

These steps make you

The obvious thing is perhaps to hang a lamp on the ceiling or attach lamps on the walls.

But if you spot spotlights in the wall itself, the light hits exactly where you want it: on the steps, not in your eyes.

5. Classical and effective

You do not need to have an experimental taste to find space efficient storage solutions. Also a classic staircase can be built in a way that allows you to utilize the room below.

10 smart tips for the stairs

LAMPS IN THE WALL: Recessed spotter does not take extra space and gives good light. Project by interior designer MNIL Trond Ramsøskar. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

The sliding door under this staircase matches the staircase’s classic design and the interior of the house by the way. The gray staircase in the lane makes it both lighter and safer to travel (and to fall) on the stairs.

6. The dinner is ready!

Moving between the floors of a house represents a challenge, and stairs are the obvious answer. The solution is so established that we hardly see that there are other alternatives.

In this project, architect and builder have both the ability and the will to think differently. The result is a concrete slide that leads from the children’s room on the second floor down to the living room in the first.

10 smart tips for the stairs

CLEAN STORAGE UNDER THE STRAIGHT: The room under the classic staircase is used for storage. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

The solution gives character to the house and fun for the little prince. But it’s not brilliant: for when you get up on the second floor, you have to take the stairs.

10 smart tips for the stairs

BETONGSKLIE: The tunnel begins at the children’s room and ends in the dining room. Photo: Happy Lim

7. Enclosed escalation

When we Norwegians choose wood materials to the floor, most of us choose oak parquet. To get the most uniform appearance, it is natural to keep the steps in the same tree.

If the existing staircase is in good condition, it may be a sensible alternative simply to paste new steps. The product is supplied by Lundberg, also available in walnut and pay veneer and laminate in different colors.

8. Create a stop effect

10 smart tips for the stairs

ENVIRONMENTAL WORK: The concrete tunnel makes it easy to get into a sweep. Photo: Happy Lim

The main purpose of the staircase is to bring you efficiently and safely from one level to another. By installing parts of the staircase with pictures, recessed shelves or niches, you will find that the standard staircase becomes more than a simple transport feature.

10 smart tips for the stairs

TRAP PORNIES: The old staircase gets a new expression by tapping on new steps. Photo: Lundberg

You create a reason to stop for a second or ten at the stairs, thus gaining an experience of using the entire house.

Also note how the black painted handrailer defines and binds the floors.

9. Handy design

Although the handrail must first and foremost be safe, it does not need to be trusted. The selection of stairway providers is limited, but the possibilities many. This rigid concrete ladder is softened by the soft lines of the hollow steel tube.

10. Leave one step

Break up the monotony by letting one step stand out. The untreated step acts as a surprising contrast to a freshly painted staircase and stands back as a memory of how the stairs once looked.

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10 smart tips for the stairs

PHOTOS IN THE TRAPPEROMMET: The finishing touches in the finishing house will be an interesting place to stop photos on the walls. The project is known by interior designer MNIL Kathinka Dalseg. Photo: Jan Larsen

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10 smart tips for the stairs

SCHWUNG HANDLINGS: The handrail consists of a bent steel pipe that gives the staircase an industrial feel. Photo: Happy Lim

10 smart tips for the stairs

RESERVED FROM THE MILL COST: The one unmarked step constitutes a surprising element in an otherwise predictable staircase. Photo: Espen Grønli


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