10 simple tips for a better bath

Three interior designers give you their best and easiest tips for a better bath.

10 simple tips for a better bath

10 simple tips for a better bath

DELIVER LIGHT IN. Foil on the bathroom window releases the light while it is decorative. Photo: Frode Larsen

10 simple tips for a better bath

GREAT TIPS. Invest in towels in the same style and colors as the rest of the bathroom to create a whole. Leave them in open shelves or cabinets. This bathroom is designed by Margrethe Rosenlund / Morfeus Arkitekter AS. Photo: Espen Grønli

10 simple tips for a better bath

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10 simple tips for a better bath

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10 simple tips for a better bath

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10 simple tips for a better bath

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It will take a little while before the mood in the bathroom gets better. If you plan renovation or only minor changes, it is advisable to get expert advice.

We have talked to three interior designers who give you their best tips for a more functional bathroom.

Discuss your upbringing project and get useful tips from people who can do it in tool-type.

Interior Architect MNIL Bernt A. Pedersen

  • Mood. Lighting is important, both functional and ambient. Downlights provide consistent groundlight. The light should be able to dimm so it works both during the daytime and at night. An evening bath with soft lighting, music, scented candles and candle holders gives a sense of spa stay.
  • Towels. Invest in new towels in the same style and colors. The bathroom is often a small room and the effects should be limited so that it does not seem cluttered. Show off the towels, they do not have to be stacked in a closed closet.
  • Enlargement. Mirror gives room feeling. It enlarges the room while it is a powerful and reasonable investment.

Interior Architect MNIL Linda Lien

  • Zones. Divide the bathroom into wet and dry zones with the wet zone in the interior of the room. Then you keep your feet dry even if the one who was there before you just showered.
  • Airy. Mirrors and windows in the bathroom make the room bigger and airy. Do you have a window in the bathroom, please use foil instead of curtains.
  • Variation. Do not use tiles throughout the bathroom. Select one or more surfaces to be painted, wallpapered, or photographed. Such a surface is easier to change than a tiled surface. Paint a wall after the seasons or if you want to change style often. If you want large variations, it’s advisable to keep the rest of the bathroom neutral.

Interior Architect MNIL Kathinka Dalseg

  • Shower trays. Choose shower tanks instead of shower on the tiles . When the soap pulls into the tiles, it will disappear after a few years. A shower car is super in a niche.
  • Fugue Nice. Dark and spotted floor tiles give a delicate expression. If you choose a darker shade in the joints, it’s the tiles and not the joints that are highlighted.
  • On the wall. Choose a wall-mounted toilet, then it will also be easier to clean. There are sewers that can be integrated into the wall or that are superimposed. The latter is easier to operate if there is a need for repair. There are cisterns that do not build more than 10 cm in depth, ideal for small bathrooms.
  • Speillys. Belys your face when you make up or brush your teeth. The lighting is placed either above (and below) or on either side of the mirror surface. If you place the lights on the sides, they should be a maximum of 10 cm outside the mirror surface.

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10 simple tips for a better bath

SPA: The light in the bathroom should be able to dimm and work both day and night. Scented candles and cannabis in the evening give a sense of spa stay. Photo: Sandra Aslaksen

10 simple tips for a better bath

DECORATIVE. Do not use tiles in the bathroom, what about the wallpaper? It is available in many variations and is easier to change than a tiled surface. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

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