10 cool table lamps

Need a new table lamp? Here are ten cool lights you can choose from.

10 cool table lamps

10 cool table lamps

TRANSLATION: Wood is trendy this year and this lamp from Designdelicatessen is simple and functional in the design language. Photo: Producer

10 cool table lamps

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10 cool table lamps

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10 cool table lamps

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10 cool table lamps

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We’re still in darkness and it’s important to surround yourself with enough light. On cold winter days it’s good to crawl on the sofa with good book, and then the reading light should be in place. In addition, a stylish table lamp can be the little extra that puts the bright dot over your i-one in your living room.

Among these ten lamps should be something for everyone.

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Tough in three

Wood has been a prominent trend this fall. And the popular material has often looked a bit rough and rough. And at first glance, this lamp may look a little homecooked, but that’s exactly what makes it so fun.

Simple lines and functional shapes make this lamp from Designdelicatessen low tech instead of hight tech. And very timely.

Design Classic

Verner Panton’s Design Classics FlowerPot was created in 1969, a year full of love, good vibration and flower powerality. This coloring lamp of a lamp is characterized by this, but is still as current.

The table lamp is made of lacquered aluminum and consists of two lamp heads that create a comfortable light without blurring from any angle.. Also the one from Designdelicatessen.


10 cool table lamps

CLASSICS: Designer designers can buy designer classics, such as the FlowerPot lamp by Verner Panton. Photo: Manufacturers

Contrasts have been an important trend this fall, and gladly mask it against the soft. Romantic and feminine shapes and textiles should be combined with rough and industrial details. Like this cool bulb from Nordal.

Lamp for the cabin?

Or at home if you want a warm and rustic expression. Routes are back and trendy this year, both on the fashion front and in the interior. Cosmetic, cozy and rustic are important keywords, and this lamp from Watt & Veke is as good at the cabin as home.

10 cool table lamps

VERY AGAINST HARD: This lamp from Nordal is both romantic and rugged with its soft display and industrial body. Photo: Producer


A modern lamp stand with a nostalgic lampshade of old avant-garde motifs is a cool feature in the living room. Again, there are contrasts in focus. This lamp from Riviera Maison is both stylish and playful.


10 cool table lamps

HYEKEKOS: Now you should have that warm, warm and cozy home, almost like the cottage. The slim screen is roughened with the industrial lamp mount. Photo: Producer

Dice pastels and feminine lines have been very timely this fall. Watt and Veke have many lamps under the romantic category, and this is one of the spring’s news for 2011. If you like the soft and sweet style this may be the lamp for you.

Rough and Industrial

Intuitive interior is supertrendy and especially industrial lamps have been hot this fall. This rough lamp comes from Madam Stoltz.

10 cool table lamps

AVISUTKLIPP: Riviera Maison has many classic lamps, and some with nice touches. Photo: Producer


The lamp Vapeur has a beautiful and charming expression, and can stand and hang. At Kvist they call it the cockleau, and it can be bought for 2255 kroner.


10 cool table lamps

FEMININ: Quiet and cute lamp with feminine shapes and soft details from Watt and Veke. Photo: Producer

This tough Palma lamp is completely in line with the nature trend we have seen so much lately.

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10 cool table lamps

INDUSTRIAL: Rough and industrial lamps have been a popular trend in autumn and winter. Photo: Producer

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10 cool table lamps

DELICATE: This lamp from Kvist has a delicate and beautiful expression. Photo: Producer

10 cool table lamps

RIGHT FROM THE FOREST: Simple and cool pencil lamp. Photo: Manufacturers


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