Leasing a motor vehicle from new has a big heap of benefits over buying, because contact hire leased cars are typically brand new, the manufacturers warranty means that you are covered for the period of the lease against any potential breakdown costs.

When a company obtains a finance settlement to purchase a vehicle, the finance company will nearly always demand an enormous payment as a security deposit, this isn’t required with leasing, normally you would pay just two monthly lease fees upfront to get the vehicle you need. Because of this your organization keeps more money in the bank to use for purchasing inventory and advertising its products, something that is very important in this economic climate.

Due to the unique billing format utilized by vehicle leasing, whereby the fees are made up of the value lost by the vehicle throughout the lease period, you can normally lease a top of the range motor vehicle at a very inexpensive price, in actual fact, the price difference between budget and top of the range vehicles per month is often as little as fifty pounds. Many businesses take advantage of this fact and consequently their executives drive top of the range Lexus or Mercedes cars, this is something that surely looks good when the companies executives turn up to a meeting with potential clients.

In addition to the benefits available to firms who take advantage of contract hire leasing, there’s additionally a major advantage for company employees. When a worker makes use of a company car, that motor vehicle actually costs the employee quite a lot of money through benefit in kind taxation which will be deducted from their wages, however many firms will offer the individual an annual allowance if they choose not to take a company motor vehicle, by using this payment to lease a motor vehicle the worker saves money on their annual tax bill and gets a vehicle at the same time.

Leasing does not mean that you are stuck for options when you order your new motor vehicle, on the contrary, a leasing firm will usually give the same options as a car dealership would. You are free to choose the make, model, and engine size of the new motor vehicle, along with selecting it’s coloration and optionally available extras.

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