A whole house water filter is the ideal appliance to keep all of the water in your home pure. It does more than just filter your drinking water; it filters your tap water in the kitchen, the water in which you bathe, the water in which you wash clothes, and any other water that comes into your home. A whole house water filter provides you with water that is chemical free so you will not have to bathe in water filled with chlorine and other harmful chemicals such as pesticides. If your water is full of chlorine, you have probably noticed the smell of it when you showered: You will not get that with a whole house water filter. It saves you from having a separate filter on every tap or faucet in your home. It is set up on the main pipe that comes into the home. That makes it easy to change your whole house water filter because you only change one rather than several.

Each whole house water filter differs a bit from company to company, but most have the same basic method of cleaning water. Some manufacturers design their filters to focus more on particular things like arsenic, iron and sulfur; others provide general protection. A general protection whole house water filter removes all of the chemicals, at least down to a minute amount, and all of the sediment. One characteristic of a good whole house water filter is multi-stage filtering: Water runs through more than one filter, thus providing an extra level or more of filtration. When the whole house water filter has filtered enough water, you will need to change the filter. Some companies make portable filters, and the company will deliver a new whole house water filter periodically. These are good for people who have summer rentals and such because they can get the whole house water filter on an as-needed basis, rather that year-round.

Some companies offer a whole house water filter that makes soft water. These make soft water that reduces hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The most common way a whole house water filter does this is by affecting the ions in the water with sodium. The whole house water filter absorbs and binds the undesired metal ions, and then flushes them. People who do not live in an area where hard water is a problem may not need a whole house water filter that softens the water. People who do not like the taste of the slightly salty water, or people on a sodium-restricted diet, have other options. They can use a bypass for their drinking water, or they can use potassium chloride in the whole house water filter rather than salt. The latter is more expensive than using salt, but for the healthy benefits, it is worth it.

Companies that do not use a softener as a whole house water filter use a charcoal filter. This is the simplest kind of whole house water filter and it is effective. A good whole house water filter will run the water through multiple filters for better purification. Many kinds of technologies exist for this, and the leading manufacturers of whole house water filter systems each offer their own twist. Another way a whole house water filter works is to use an ion exchange. The whole house water filter first removes all of the minerals and the salts from the water, and then runs it through the charcoal. A third kind of whole house water filter system is one that uses reverse osmosis. This is perhaps the purest form of water that you can get into your house. The downside of this kind of system is that it uses a lot of water just to get a little. They are great for indoors at the kitchen sink, but maybe not at the main pipe coming into the house. However, some companies claim to make units such as these that waste very little water.

The benefits of a whole house water filter are numerous. For starters, drinking water will not have a bad smell or a bad taste. Shower water will not have chlorine in it. Experts say chlorine is not good for the skin. The whole house water filter prevents fixtures and faucets from getting corrosion, scale build-up and crusty deposits. A whole house water filter reduces rings in the bathtub and rusty looking rings in the toilet bowl. Laundry comes out of the washer cleaner and softer, and the washer will last longer, as will any other appliances that use water. With a whole house water filter, you need less soap for the washing machine, and even while bathing. These facts make it clear that a whole house water filter is the right way to go for efficient water treatment in your home.

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